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So you are looking for a ‘Nutritionist Near Me’. Don’t worry we have you covered here at Yummy Tummy. We completely understand the difficulty in finding the right nutritionist for you. In fact, for most people, it is usually a big step to decide you would like help from a nutritionist. That is why we believe it is very important to get the best out of our sessions and will provide you with on-going support throughout your journey with us. We also offer one-off workshops which are perfect for those just looking for guidance and a little expert advice to begin their nutritional journey.


Our target is to reach out to everyone within the local area and ensure they all have the opportunity to receive expert advice on the importance of good nutrition within a healthy lifestyle. Majority of the media portray nutrition as something very different as some believe it is as simple as taking a supplement tablet. We are here to tell you that this is most definitely not the case, it is extremely important to get your vitamins and minerals from different foods that contain high nutritional values. Majority of supplement pills are designed to give you a specific nutrient which is only ideal if your body or diet such as a vegan diet doesn’t contain those certain nutrients. However, there are foods out there known as ‘super-foods’ which have an influx of nutritional values that can boost your immune system, brain functions and overall health.


For now, our biggest focus is on Surrey but will be happy to stretch further afield if the demand was there. However, due to the current climate with the current pandemic. We are currently accessible to all across the UK. As we have adapted to life in lockdown as I am sure most people have now. That is why we have begun offering online workshops which allow everyone to take part, interact and learn about evidence-based information on nutrition.


FREE 10 Minute Consultations

Nutrition Workshops Near Me

So you have searched ‘Nutrition Workshops Near Me’. Luckily for you, we have exactly what you are looking for with our Yummy Tummy pop up workshops. We provide this in and around Surrey to provide as many people within the local community with the knowledge and commitment to enjoy a healthy lifestyle with the benefits of our nutritional talks.

Enjoy an informative and evidence-based workshop with a group of like-minded people. Book a place at one of my upcoming workshops or arrange your own private workshop with friends.

If you are looking for a more personal workshop then the best option would be to book a private workshop with you and some friends as this will allow us to spend more time answering your personal questions and assisting you with any nutritional advice and ensuring your everyday diet maintains nutritional value.



“Thank you so much for today, already your talk has helped us. You’re my new hero!”



“Thank you so much for your help and advice, it has given me the confidence I need to start the weaning process!”



“Thanks for passing on your invaluable knowledge, we now feel better prepared for whatever Luke throws at us (literally)!”



“The nutrition plan is fabulous, thank you so much! The recipes are really tasty and it is great to know what portion sizes I should be having.”


“Thanks for the nutrition advice, I’ve changed my diet (as per your suggestions) and feel heaps better for it! ”


"Ros gave us a very personalised, specific action plan, packed with advice and tips, to support our son (and us) with the problem of fussy eating and the behaviours associated with this. We now feel better prepared and clear about the way forward. Would recommend Ros to anyone. She is professional, sensitive to her clients, and extremely knowledgeable. She also has her own children, so she can empathetically relate to us."


"Great workshop with lots of tips to take home and try! Fun evening with like minded struggling mums! I'm sure the recipes Ros kindly has shared with us will be a success as it sounds all absolutely yummy and easy to make!"


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