Nutrition advice you can trust

Introducing our Haslemere Nutritionist…


Yummy Tummy Nutrition is run by registered Nutritionist Dr Ros Miller. Ros has an MSc and PhD in Nutrition and has 10 years experience working in the field.

'I have a real passion for nutrition, helping people make healthy lifestyle choices and to separate fact from fiction.

My focus is on family nutrition, including before, during and after pregnancy, weaning your baby and feeding in the early years. I offer tips and advice which are backed by good scientific evidence - no fad diets, powders or wacky ingredients here! Being a mum of two young children, I know how hard it can be to make sure you are providing yourself and your children with a healthy, balanced diet. There is so much information out there it is hard to know what to do for the best. With Yummy Tummy Nutrition you'll get honest, practical advice you can trust.'

Helping to set your child up for a healthy life starts even before they are conceived, which is why Yummy Tummy Nutrition helps parents-to-be to achieve a healthy, balanced diet.

We offer advice during pregnancy, post-birth and in the early years, to make sure you and your child are getting all the nutrients you need for good health. The first few years of life is a crucial time period for nutrition - providing the right types of food for growth and health and allowing healthy food preferences to develop. For many parents, this time period is a constant source of worry 'Am I giving my child enough food?', 'Am I including all the important nutrients in their diet?', 'Am I giving them the best start for their future?'. Yummy Tummy Nutrition is here to help, providing expert advice at this critical stage.

We also offer nutrition advice for teenagers, adults and older adults. Get in touch for more details.