Live too far away or struggling to get childcare cover? We can do our 1-2-1 sessions via Skype at a time which suits you - contact us for more details.

Nutrition consultation

30 MINUTES £45•60 minutes £80

Get expert advice on your or your family's diet.


Personalised life stage session

90 minutes £95

We can work with you during a range of life stages including pregnancy, post-pregnancy, breastfeeding, weaning, feeding your family, the teenage years and healthy ageing. These sessions will cover all dietary considerations during these life stages and allow you time to ask any questions.


Dietary assessment

report and feedback £240

Using professional high-quality nutrition analysis software, your diet can be assessed in depth to understand your intake of essential nutrients and potential areas for improvement. Includes written report and 45 minute feedback session.


Personalised menu plan

60 minutes, 7-day menu & 30 minutes follow-up £220 

After an initial consultation where your current diet is discussed together with any concerns, a 7-day menu plan will be developed allowing you to follow a healthy balanced diet specifically tailored to your needs. Ideal for those who want to improve their diet, ensure their diet is healthy and balanced or have particular dietary concerns.


Subscription service

from £80  

Covers 4 x 15 minute telephone consultations to be scheduled when required. Particularly useful after a private consultation or workshop to discuss progress. Extended subscriptions available on request.


Childcare provider

FROM £120

Get expert advice and training on the nutritional needs of young children, devising menu plans and/or creating a good food environment to encourage healthy eating.


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