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Being a Nutritionist is a fascinating role. Nutrition is a fast-growing science with a huge amount of interest around it. We all have to eat, right? Plus, following a healthy, balanced diet is something we can do to help improve or maintain our health. However, with all the fascination, interest and research there is A LOT of information out there making it difficult to decipher fact from fiction. Who do you trust when it comes to information about nutrition? It’s natural to put trust in our role models – be it peers, celebrities or family members. But there is so much to know when it comes to nutrition and finding someone with the right qualifications is key.


There is often a lot of confusion about what qualifications to look out for when searching for advice about nutrition. However, a sure-fire way to make sure you can get trustworthy advice is to look for an AfN Registered Nutritionist. Look for ANutr or RNutr after their name or check the register here. To become fully registered with the Association of Nutrition you need:


  • At least an honours degree in Nutrition
    • I have an MSc and PhD in Nutrition


  • At least 3 years experience in the field
    • I have more than 10 years of experience


  • Meet set knowledge competencies
    • I’ve demonstrated competency in my knowledge


  • To adhere to AfN’s ethical code of conduct
    • Always


You are in safe, knowledgeable hands with Yummy Tummy Nutrition. Here’s a bit about me…


I have always had an interest in home cooking and nutrition and decided to take my curiosity to the next level by studying Nutrition at the University of Reading. After an intense MSc course covering all areas of human nutrition, I was invited to complete a PhD. I ran my own clinical studies during my PhD which gave me an appreciation on what factors make a good high quality and trustworthy study. Unfortunately, there are some dodgy studies out there as well as some amazing ones! It is a learnt skill to be able to interpret findings from a study and understand the significance. After completing my PhD I worked within the food industry for a couple of years which gave me an insight into food product development and solidified my knowledge of health claims. Finally, before founding Yummy Tummy Nutrition I worked for a well-known Nutrition not-for-profit organisation. Here I provided evidence-based information to the general public, food industry and the media on a wide range of nutrition topics.


I set up Yummy Tummy Nutrition to help provide people in the Surrey area, and beyond, with practical and friendly nutrition advice they can trust. With Yummy Tummy Nutrition, I cover many areas in Nutrition during my 1-2-1 consultations and workshops for both adult nutrition and child nutrition. I have two young children so I fully understand how difficult and confusing it can sometimes be to make sure they are getting all the nutrients they need. I also know as adults, we have so much going on in life, sometimes our nutrition and health take a back seat. I can help you rebalance and readdress your nutrition to help you and your family feel your best. I have such a passion for nutrition and for providing evidence-based information. Don’t get lost in the confusion – contact me today if you would like some trustworthy advice.

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    “Thank you so much for today, already your talk has helped us. You’re my new hero!”



    “Thank you so much for your help and advice, it has given me the confidence I need to start the weaning process!”



    “Thanks for passing on your invaluable knowledge, we now feel better prepared for whatever Luke throws at us (literally)!”



    “The nutrition plan is fabulous, thank you so much! The recipes are really tasty and it is great to know what portion sizes I should be having.”


    “Thanks for the nutrition advice, I’ve changed my diet (as per your suggestions) and feel heaps better for it! ”


    "Ros gave us a very personalised, specific action plan, packed with advice and tips, to support our son (and us) with the problem of fussy eating and the behaviours associated with this. We now feel better prepared and clear about the way forward. Would recommend Ros to anyone. She is professional, sensitive to her clients, and extremely knowledgeable. She also has her own children, so she can empathetically relate to us."


    "Great workshop with lots of tips to take home and try! Fun evening with like minded struggling mums! I'm sure the recipes Ros kindly has shared with us will be a success as it sounds all absolutely yummy and easy to make!"


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