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The food we eat can have a big impact on our physical and mental health. Eating a healthy, balanced diet can reduce the risk of obesity, some cancers, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. It can also have an impact on things like our gut health, skin, mood and energy levels. However, there is often a lot of confusion about what is a healthy, balanced diet. This isn’t helped by the media sensationalising research which isn’t very robust and not taking the whole picture into account.


Nutrition is such a big part of our lives and we can use it to help us to feel at our best. However, nutrition can be a complex science. Which is why it is important to make sure you get advice from an appropriately qualified Nutritionist. An AfN Registered Nutritionist has at least a degree in Nutrition and has demonstrated competency in a broad range of areas. Look for RNutr or ANutr after a Nutritionist’s name or check the register.


With a Yummy Tummy Nutrition workshop or course, I will provide you with expert nutrition advice in the areas of most interest to you. I will help you to dispel the myths, understand the facts and improve your diet and that of your family’s. Improving your diet and your family’s diet can not only have a positive impact now but also in the future. The advice I provide isn’t for the short term or a quick fix, it is for a sustainable lifelong change. A diet which not only is tasty and fulfilling but also provides all the nutrients you and your family need.


I run adult nutrition workshops on topics such as ‘What is a healthy balanced diet’, ‘Getting the nutrients you need from a plant-based diet’ and ‘Nutrition for healthy ageing’. I can also put together a bespoke workshop or nutrition course to cover your interests and needs. Get in touch for more details.


Having a young family myself, I am also super passionate about family nutrition. I offer child nutrition workshops, courses and talks on ‘Pregnancy nutrition’, ‘Nutrition whilst breastfeeding’, ‘Weaning your baby’, ‘Feeding your little person’ and ‘Managing fussy eaters’. A healthy, balanced diet is important for normal growth and development, allowing your child to reach their potential. Good nutrition can also help to set your child up for a healthy future. Instilling healthy eating habits now is likely to follow through into adulthood, reducing the risk of diet-related disease.


Yummy Tummy Nutrition courses and workshops are kept to small groups to allow as much interaction as possible. It allows you to get the information you need and ask as many questions as you like. They provide practical advice and access to ‘Nutritionist-approved’ recipes so you can put what you have learnt into practice.


Invest in your health and that of your family’s – now is a great time to jump on board. I will look forward to meeting you soon.

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    “Thank you so much for today, already your talk has helped us. You’re my new hero!”



    “Thank you so much for your help and advice, it has given me the confidence I need to start the weaning process!”



    “Thanks for passing on your invaluable knowledge, we now feel better prepared for whatever Luke throws at us (literally)!”



    “The nutrition plan is fabulous, thank you so much! The recipes are really tasty and it is great to know what portion sizes I should be having.”


    “Thanks for the nutrition advice, I’ve changed my diet (as per your suggestions) and feel heaps better for it! ”


    "Ros gave us a very personalised, specific action plan, packed with advice and tips, to support our son (and us) with the problem of fussy eating and the behaviours associated with this. We now feel better prepared and clear about the way forward. Would recommend Ros to anyone. She is professional, sensitive to her clients, and extremely knowledgeable. She also has her own children, so she can empathetically relate to us."


    "Great workshop with lots of tips to take home and try! Fun evening with like minded struggling mums! I'm sure the recipes Ros kindly has shared with us will be a success as it sounds all absolutely yummy and easy to make!"


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    Get advice you can trust from a registered nutritionist. Learn how you can cook healthy food for yourself and/or your family.

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