Why it is Easier to Succeed with a Baby Led Weaning Course Than You Might Think

Baby led weaning is a great way to introduce a wide variety of foods and textures to your baby. You may wish to use this method exclusively or alongside spoon feeding. Our baby led weaning course will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to provide your baby with the right foods and textures throughout your baby’s food journey. With baby led weaning your baby self-feeds from the outset. It uses foods in their whole form, including finger foods, from the start. It is primarily baby led; giving your baby more control over which foods are consumed, how much they eat and the speed of consumption. 


There has been an increasing interest in baby led weaning.  Although there are anecdotal reports of benefit, scientific evidence looking at baby led weaning is quite limited. A few small-scale observational studies suggest that baby led weaning may encourage improved eating patterns and promote healthy food preferences. Baby led weaning may help to regulate food intake in relation to satiety and lead to a healthier body weight. However, more evidence is needed and there is not enough evidence to exclusively recommend this method above others. Parents can use a mixed approach to complementary feeding and incorporate elements of both baby led weaning and parental spoon feeding. 


Many guidance documents, including the NHS Start4Life initiative, recommend an approach to complementary feeding that incorporates some of the principles of baby-led weaning, whereby babies get used to touching and holding food and feeding themselves.


Giving your baby soft finger foods allows your baby to practice chewing and can encourage them to feed themselves.  Finger foods can also help to engage your baby’s interest and some babies prefer foods they can hold themselves.  


The important thing is to find a method which suits you and your baby. Exclusively baby led weaning does not suit every baby or family. Therefore, our baby led weaning course also covers spoon feeding and traditional weaning methods giving you the flexibility once you start introducing solids. 


Whichever method you and your baby choose, rest assured that we have got you covered. Once you have completed our baby led weaning course, you can also get support from our Registered Nutritionist, Dr Ros Miller, until your baby is 12 months old. So, if you have any questions part-way through your baby’s weaning journey, you will get the expert advice you need. This is often something the parents who complete our course value the most!


Our baby led weaning course is run by our experienced Registered Nutritionist and mum of two, Dr Ros Miller, and will cover:

  • Which foods to introduce and when
  • Perfect finger foods
  • Foods to avoid or limit
  • How to introduce the common allergens
  • Progressing from 1 to 2 and 3 meals
  • Milk intake
  • Drinks and cups
  • Supplements
  • Any questions you may have


Our baby led weaning courses are currently taking place live online, so you can join from the comfort of your own home. We will soon be arranging face-to-face courses around Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire. You may take part in one of our scheduled courses, or privately with your family and/or friends. Get in touch for more details, we would love to support you through this exciting stage! 

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    “Thank you so much for your help and advice, it has given me the confidence I need to start the weaning process!”



    “Thanks for passing on your invaluable knowledge, we now feel better prepared for whatever Luke throws at us (literally)!”



    “The nutrition plan is fabulous, thank you so much! The recipes are really tasty and it is great to know what portion sizes I should be having.”


    “Thanks for the nutrition advice, I’ve changed my diet (as per your suggestions) and feel heaps better for it! ”


    "Ros gave us a very personalised, specific action plan, packed with advice and tips, to support our son (and us) with the problem of fussy eating and the behaviours associated with this. We now feel better prepared and clear about the way forward. Would recommend Ros to anyone. She is professional, sensitive to her clients, and extremely knowledgeable. She also has her own children, so she can empathetically relate to us."


    "Great workshop with lots of tips to take home and try! Fun evening with like minded struggling mums! I'm sure the recipes Ros kindly has shared with us will be a success as it sounds all absolutely yummy and easy to make!"


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